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Japanese Cheesecake

Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecakes are soft & fluffy, not too sweet, easy to eat, and great for everyone!

The Original Signature Cheesecake is the world-famous staple of everything Uncle Tetsu and is enjoyed in counties all over the world.

When enjoyed warm, it is fluffy like a cloud and may jiggle and dance. When enjoyed cool, it is soft with a more cream cheese flavor.

Ingredients:  1. Cream Cheese 2. Butter 3. Milk 4. Sugar 5. Flour 6. Egg 7. Love

Nut-free Gelatine-free Contains gluten


Soft on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside, Uncle Tetsu's Honey Madeleines are moist & luscious and have a nostalgic, classic flavor of honey.

Honey Madeleines make a perfect companion to the Signature Cheesecake, and are available in most of Uncle Tetsu's Shops globally, most often with additional flavors (ex. matcha, chocolate).

Honey Madeleines can be best enjoyed warm or at room temperature, and make a great snack at any time during the day.

Ingredients: 1. Honey 2. Butter 3. Sugar 4. Baking Powder 5. Flour 6. Egg


Nut-free Gelatine-free Contains gluten

Cheese Tarts

Made entirely from scratch, Uncle Tetsu's rich & creamy Triple-Baked Cheesetarts are a specialty item that has quickly become one of the most sought-after favorites.

Because they are labor-intensive and require a separate set of equipment, they are not available at every location, however, as a newer item in the World of Uncle Tetsu, they are being made in more shops around the world as time goes on.

Ingredients: 1. Cream cheese 2. Sugar 3. Egg 3. Cream 4. Milk 5. Flour 6. Butter 7. Corn Starch


Nut-free Gelatine-free Contains gluten

Angel Hat (Zucotto)

The Original Angel Hat is a moist & bouncy premium Japanese Cheesecake that is extra creamy and jiggly and made with custard cream. 

The name 'Original Angel Hat' was inspired by the Italian cake called Zuccotto, which likewise has a dome shape resembling a Bishop's Hat. Although entirely different in a recipe to a traditional Italian zuccotto, the Angel Hat uses a second kind of cheese—grana padano—making it especially cheesy for that desiring someone.

Although it can be served warm, we recommend this Cheesecake to be enjoyed cool. With its extra cream & cheese, it will be ready to dance for you no matter what temperature you find it in!

Ingredients: 1. Cream Cheese 2. Milk 3. Butter 4. Egg 5. Flour 6. Corn Starch 7. Sugar 8. Custard 9. Lemon Juice 10. Grana Padano

Nut-free Gelatine-free Contains gluten
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