Uncle Tetsu
A new shop opens
A new shop opens · 2019-07-06

Moments away from Uncle Tetsu’s Grand Opening in New York City

Most New Yorkers would never have experienced an Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake Shop Grand Opening before, but as a city with a population and international population as it has, one would expect it to make similar ripples as the previous openings have, in countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

When Uncle Tetsu opened in Toronto, the direct first store outside of Asia, the real Uncle Tetsu himself honestly had no idea what to expect at the opening, and was awestruck as so many people came and lined up for literally hours to take home their very own Uncle Tetsu Original Japanese Cheesecake.

This opening in Toronto, as with the first store openings that followed in Sydney and Auckland, marked one of the largest and most memorable openings in each city’s history, as the line ran from the cashier, around to the cheesecake oven and stamping area, out the door, in front of the store, and down the street.

It seemed that every 30 seconds, another happy customer would emerge with a satisfied grin carrying the iconic white and red Uncle Tetsu paper bag that was soon to be seen in every part of the city.

Will the opening in New York carry on this legacy?

As much as it seems likely, no one can truly know until the day of the Grand Opening when the new shop heats up with the non-stop baking of its most famous original Japanese cheesecake.

On that day, which is fast-approaching and will be announced soon, the Real Uncle Tetsu will be there again, in anticipation to meet the people of New York and feel their excited energy.